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You must be logged in to add create, request or receive Autograph.     Pukar Shrestha

Directed Toward Goals

"Converting Small Steps Into Large"

Ukita Dahal Ukita Dahal

Honest, always Cheerful & Emotional

"To be a wellknown writer"

/uploads/profile/100130/profile/2017/11/1509795532_UmeshDahal.jpg     Umesh Dahal

Crazy about Hobbies.

""I wants to be a Well Known Journalist/ Photographer. " "

/uploads/profile/850/profile/1496721622_12064427_10204640467483652_1228737684_n.jpg Deepak Shrestha

Romantic, Loyal, Friendly

"To Be A successful person" Sth Lux-me

Caring, Energetic & Loving

""Imagine with all your mind, Believe with all your heart, Achieve with all your heart""

/uploads/profile/813/profile/1494937679_profilepic.jpg   रमण पनेरू

"कसैले कम्युनिष्ट भन्छन्, कसैले कंग्रेस भन्छन्, कसैले डलरवादी भन्छन्, मैले भने अाफूलार्इ फरक विचार प्रति खुला राख्ने काेशिस गरेकाे छु । त्यसैले कम्जाेरकाे तर्फबाट वकालत गर्न रूची राख्छु । " Vikrant Bhatt

Optimistic visionary

"Change Nepal "

/uploads/profile/798/profile/1493655083_18157910_10212560963524172_6336643854228885195_n.jpg Robin Sharma

Learner and Teacher

"Follow the path you have designed for success. " Neeraj Pun

Witty, punctual, disciplined

"To do something god."

/uploads/profile/20/profile/1483340065_myPhoto.jpg Surendra Shrestha

traveller, coder, web designer

"dream big"

uploads/news/Profile/1482770294Jkg0UO9BZ0ZFnAjIS3So.jpg Ujwol Ghimire

always on...

"do the best for other...."

/uploads/profile/786/profile/1493096216_YamBahadurBam.jpg   Yam Bahadur Bam

/uploads/profile/686/profile/1491463400_AnjanaKCThapa.jpg Anjana KC

"Three Words About You" Amistoso Amita Rb

Workaholic, Passion & Fun loving