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/uploads/profile/100130/profile/2017/11/1509795532_UmeshDahal.jpg     Umesh Dahal

Crazy about Hobbies.

""I wants to be a Well Known Journalist/ Photographer. " "

/uploads/profile/296/profile/1483104627_1509843_10153039895935306_2322310493756467721_n.jpg Sabin Pandit Chhetri

Loyal, Energetic, Alert

""Do Good be Good""

/uploads/profile/613/profile/1490870793_IMG_9349.JPG       Prarthana Bajracharya

passionate, curious and fun loving

"Living daily a life dedicated to integrity"

Pramod Neupane

Be Kind, Respect everyone, Everyone has a story like you have one

/uploads/profile/666/profile/2020/03/1584972739_IMG-d5136e2064730811e09636b080d7aad3-V.jpg Sughosh Dhungel

funny, helpful, cool

"change people's negative thoughts"

Ram Bajracharya


"Please remember me when i die."

Laxman Bista Laxman Bista

Dynamic , Committed, Team player

"To be a Trillionaire (Save to invest, don't save to save)"

Maneer Rajkarnikar Maneer Rajkarnikar


"Make something of my own ."

Sandesh Paudyal Sandesh Paudyal

Entrepreneur, social, passionate

"To work tirelessly on making Nepal what we all dream to be!!!" Neeraj Pun

Witty, punctual, disciplined

"To do something god."