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/uploads/profile/666/profile/2020/03/1584972739_IMG-d5136e2064730811e09636b080d7aad3-V.jpg Sughosh Dhungel

funny, helpful, cool

"change people's negative thoughts"

Prashant Khadka Prashant Khadka

Active, Hard Working and Cool

"To rule this world"

Sushil Tank Prasad Oli


"Want a big dreamer of life"

/uploads/profile/146/profile/1495964962_sanatneupanepic.jpg Sanat Neupane

innovation | authenticity | karma'

"think big, work smart, chase cause, live happy"

Kusum Poudyal Kusum Poudyal

Simple,Honest & Loyal

""Social Work" Member & Co-Founder Member Of Social Youth Guys,Taplejung."

/uploads/profile/317/profile/1483258811_FB_IMG_1430360062398.jpg Paras Kharel (Pareshor)

Customer Service Expert

"Always give people more than what they expect to get !!!"

uploads/news/Profile/1482770294Jkg0UO9BZ0ZFnAjIS3So.jpg Ujwol Ghimire

always on...

"do the best for other...."  Chefs Bakery & Confectionary

Quality as culture ,Design and arts as experience, unique taste as love towards cooking and baking !

"Every Nepali deserve high quality food products @ Reasonable rates ! "

Maneer Rajkarnikar Maneer Rajkarnikar


"Make something of my own ."

/uploads/profile/20/profile/1483340065_myPhoto.jpg Surendra Shrestha

traveller, coder, web designer

"dream big"