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Photography In Kathmandu

Photography In Kathmandu

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This Club is form to incourage amature photographer as well as advice professional photographer to post tips and tricks of photography. This club is form on behalf of Nishesh Studio, which was founded in 1965. The organization has been serving photography for 49 years now. Mr. Neer Shrestha was few of the first photographer...

Club Rules

Rules and regulations:  • Photographers of any age can join. • Hosts will manage the club and will have full rights on copyright and other violation issues.  • Photographer can signup and can post any number of picture.  • The photographs copied from other sources will not be accepted.  • The photograph submitted to this club or portal will not be used for any commercial use.  • Nude and rated photographs will not be allowed; such member will be blocked.  • Club members can post photographs and discuss on theme basis • Club members can organize the photography contest on theme basis.  • There must be a small story and description of picture taken and submitted