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  • Mar 15, 2017 17:50
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Hotel Swagatam

Hotel in Biratnagar

Hotel Swagatam, a beautiful and tranquil hotel located at Roadcess Chowk, Biratnagar is just 3kms away from the Biratnagar airport. It is on the road to market in the north and Jogbani (India) in the south. The main market is within five minutes walking distance from the hotel. So, one can unload the luggage at the hotel and stroll in the evening to freshen their mind in a vibrant market. The southern part of Biratnagar is bordered with Jogbani, recognized as shopping arena for its Indian goods and groceries are flooded with tsunami of people is only at the distance of 7 km away from the hotel. The guests can go for window-shopping and may purchase items as a souvenir.

Biratnagar, a sub metropolitan city known for its industrial and agricultural powerhouse is also a gateway to discover the fascinating spots in eastern Nepal. The eastern Nepal is bestowed with numerous Hindu pilgrimage sites, majestic natural sceneries and landscapes. You may grab an opportunity to track down the major sites of this region like Barahachhetra,  Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Illam, Bhedetar, Taplejung etc. and are accessible  within few hours of drive from Biratnagar.

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