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  • Apr 03, 2017 17:21
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ICA Training Centre

Organisation in Kathmandu, Nepal

ICA Training Centre is a venue for training and accommodation designed and developed by a group innovative academics and entrepreneurs dedicated for providing space for human transformation through training and development

ICA Training Centre was established by a group of ICA members in Kathmandu, Nepal with an aim to build people's capacities required for the transformation of the country. It is associated with ICA Nepal which has about 20 years of experience of building human capacities through participation, training and facilitation activities and conducting community development programmes. The ICA is concerned with the 'human factor' in development, strengthening human capabilities in the public, NGO and private sectors. 

The mission of ICA Training Centre is to provide quality delivery and facility for training and human capacity building. 

With the aim of providing a space for learning, ICA has established this centre at Koteshwor where people can gather or organize programmes for learning and sharing. It provides a friendly and safe space for development workers


Kathmandu, Nepal

Call 01-5147122