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I dedicate this SUVADIN to you | these are just minimum tools for your to add bandwidth, colors, and shapes to your expressions | we have met so many SUVADIN ANGELS | thanks to the 3 crore+ Nepalese who inspired us for SUVADIN | welcome to the SUVADIN ecosystem of expression | we always think about you at SUVADIN | we are stubborn in winning | JOURNEY BEGINS HERE...
Sanat Neupane - SUVADIN President | CEO

Respected Readers, Authors, Users, Senators, Suvadin Angels, Country Partners, Service Partners,

and Nepalese inside and outside Nepal:


Finally, we bring you SUVADIN after a hard and smart work of 8 months and continuous improvement and innovations to reach you in best possible shape. And here, I dedicate this SUVADIN to you.

SUVADIN is all about bringing positive social changes through expressions by simple processes of Inviting, Informing, Interacting, Involving, Inspiring, and Innovating.

We are not only an online portal; we are Nepal's own social media. And we will continue to cater every social networking need of Nepalese living in Nepal and outside. I am proud to state that a new social media is rising from a humble country Nepal. We will make every possible endeavor to prove how a dream even from simple professionals from a small country can grow global and be showcased with the top ones.

From homepage to scrolling to interfaces, we have exploited arts and science to the core to design it into a media you will find simple and easy. We can say it is simplified by complexities. Please do not feel SUVADIN is crowded with features; no, these are just minimum tools for your to add bandwidth, colors, and shapes to your expressions.


I always thought I was alone in this selfish corporate world but that was not true. The cooperation and love we got from all, I am reassured, kindness is still abundant and friendship is the biggest energy in life.

In past few months, we have met so many SUVADIN ANGELS who have gone out of the way to help from behind the curtains adding life and fuel to SUVADIN. I cannot take their names as they have told me not to, but our gratefulness is always with them.

I cannot stay without thanking Ujwol Ghimire, who has always been with me as partner, friend, and brother and carved SUVADIN dreams together with me. I have to thank Ujwol Acharya, who watered SUVADIN saplings. I am also grateful to our friends in Media who believed in SUVADIN and gave enough media space for its appropriate reach.

Special thanks to entire Radiant Technologies team, esp Bhashkar, Deepak, Surendra, Prashant, and Bishnu, entire M.A.R.S team, esp. Manish, Sunita, Raunak, Prashant , and Sundar, entire Doodle Creations team especially Lhakpa and Naveen. All these partners have appeared as our luck and brought us miracles, and gone out of the way to make everything possible for us, selflessly.

Thanks to those who stood in the photo-shoot for us, those who shared our links, and those who stood by our side all the time. Thanks to my family and that of my team for heating up the food late evenings all this time with a smile.

Thanks also to them who denied to help us or laughed at us or betrayed us at the last moment. They really added abundant energy into our spirits.

Biggest thanks to the 3 crore+ Nepalese who inspired us for SUVADIN.


Reading, liking, sharing, tagging, buzzing, everything I leave it you. But I have a strong request- please write. Write with SUVADIN. The small red button at the bottom of SUVADIN page is just for you. It is a gateway to your journey of unlimited expressions in various shapes and colors. Write what you feel, what you see, what you like, what you don't, write what is right, what is wrong...Just keep writing anything relevant and interesting. And please do not worry how it looks. We are standby at SUVADIN to edit, add, delete, and make it better. Send your expressions in any form of news, views, and ideas to us and we will take care of the rest.

You will keep writing, every Nepali will write. Our team will keep performing. Our Senate comprising of the experts from various sectors will keep monitoring SUVADIN's contribution to the community. Contributors will keep sending expert views. Country partners from 60+ countries will keep connecting Nepalese outside Nepal to Nepal through SUVADIN. Welcome to the SUVADIN ecosystem of expressions.


As Founder and President of SUVADIN, I, with every member of my team, commit to you that we will constantly try to make it better every time- every hour, every minute. We will continuously improve all interactions with you to make your expressions take better shape. It is our commitment; we will respect your expectations, priorities, and privacy. We will respect every criticisms and suggestions from you to make SUVADIN better.

These are lifetime commitments and are biggest part of SUVADIN values. All time we will make sure that SUVADIN remains your best friend and you are taken good care of. Honestly, we always think about you at SUVADIN.


One day I was browsing the old pages of facebook, twitter, and linkedin and I realized there were so many mistakes they made too, and still they grew across time. So, SUVADIN also comes with a few errors and few mistakes, but with bigger propositions and best intentions.

I am proud we have a team as competent as in the Silicon Valley even within the limited resources bracket. This team has to win. We are stubborn in winning. With your support, it is possible.

Till next time we meet you at you your place and country personally through SUVAEAST-SUVAWEST, keep SUVADIN'ing.



Sanat Neupane - President | CEO


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