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Welcome to the revolution of expressions! 

Feel free to be the author, superstar, planner or that smart community mobiliser through Suvadin’s limitless access to effective tools of news, causes, complaints, praises, autograph, clubs, infotices, and polls. Speak, be noticed, make your point, publicize your business and ideas, connect with the like-minded people, pour your heart out, and express yourself – conveniently and innovatively at Suvadin. Just click, add new and explore millions of opportunities to be invited, informed, interacted, involved, inspired, and innovated. 
Made in Nepal, Suvadin is your new best friend. Everyone at Suvadin is concerned about delivering the best to your head and heart through your device. Suvadin’s young, dynamic, and highly competent team is always thinking about you. At Suvadin, you are the focus at all times.


There is an author in everyone!
How about a news portal with no newsroom? That' right! In a very short time, our newsroom will not only edit your news, you will create news. So feel free to create news and views and post them in an innovative way! Start and we will help you. You are our prosumer, producer+consumer. We follow you. Who can know the stories of your place better than you? Our News is news+ and they include you and add length, breadth, and depth to it. 

Nepal Calendar

Plan, promote, and participate. 
Life is a series of events- important and not so important ones. Find out, explore more, record, participate and do not miss the important ones. Suvadin is a perfect platform to launch your events and activities and promote your business in Nepal. 
Your answer to WHAT IS HAPPENING IN NEPAL is all here. 


There is a star in everyone. 
Nostalgic about that auto book you filled in life? Or tired of knowing professional details which are now insufficient enough to achieve a professional or a personal deal? Explore more about the person important to you. Fill yours too and be the super-star to your loves ones!
In just a click, get beautifully designed electronic autograph of your favorite person, or provide yours. 


No one is helpless
Both the ones needing help and the ones giving help are not helpless. We connect needy to the aspiring. Through cause platform, ask for help, provide help, tell inspiring stories and promote good things. Now, talk to your karma through us. Be there, at the right place, for the right cause. 

Praise and Complain

Give what they deserve - Reward and Reprimand just on time!
It is all about courage.  Courage to praise and celebrate a good deed or courage to tell what is wrong and what should be done about it. Exercise your courage. Unburden your heart and mind. We will try for the right people to get right messages, publicly. 


Your research about anything made easy. 
Just make it attractive, launch a pool and fetch the responses. Analyze and keep writing…At Suvadin polls, you can try who thinks what, be it suggestions on mustache for a man or pilot research of your new business idea!


Make your information a notice!
Vacancy, service, product, bidding tenders, advertisement, need, supply, demand, a random help, or just anything, post it and make it an infotice. From clubs members to newsreaders to autographed stars to the social volunteers, everyone from Suvadin community will help you get the solution.  Make sure you tag it to the best to get more noticed by most wanted.


Let’s be together!
A hobby or a need or a profession or a disease, we need like-minded people around us. Like in the old days, SUVADIN brings social clubs, which is a community of people just like you. Then, just keep interacting. Achieve what you wanted and they will help you.  Club is a new family, a modern day big-family.