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Welcome to SUVADIN, an open organization. 

We say suvadin is a “ sahuji” less organization. It means it is an organization of good governance and empowerment at all levels. With a team of passionate self-motivated members, SUVADIN is probably has the most smart team always result oriented.


At SUVADIN, we believe in performance, passion, speed, and integrity. A happy organization, Suvadin is a nursery of ideas and innovations and a world of performance.


·      VISION: change through expressions and interactions


·      TARGET: Nepal and Nepalese


VALUES: (inspired from the global big family values)


  1. Respect Wisdom, Wealth, and Weight : We always respect wisdom, wealth and power and achieve them through ethical means only
  2. Think big : At Big family, our thinking is bigger than ourselves. We all are people with VISION and work for global causes
  3. Good Morning ! : Within BIGfamily, we wish goodmorning round the clock. For us, every moment is fresh, energetic, cheerful, and right time to begin !
  4. ITU ( I trust you) : We trust words and commitments of big family members 100%
  5. Fit in the mud and in the palace : We are versatile and operate at a much broader spectrum.
  6. Rocket Approach : Once we start working on something, we are not afraid of failure and we don’t abandon it. We are persistent, strategic, and passionate till we have actually achieved it. We constantly innovate everything around us for good and do things never imagined before.
  7. Courage : We have courage to speak the truth, eliminate bad, stand with high integrity at all times, and celebrate other’s success.
  8. Compliance : We comply all rules of Big Family, country/ies, and mother nature and ensure others also do it.

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Please also read :


SUVADIN is committed to providing equal access to its products and services to all of its customers. The customers should never be discriminated for any service or products on the basis of the factors which may include but not limited to the following:


  • Race or color;
  • Religion;
  • National origin;
  • Sex;
  • Marital status;
  • Age (provided the applicant has the required. age limit if applicable);
  • Familial status



SUVADIN serves in, and practices, the principles of equal employment opportunity. It is our policy to recruit, hire, train, and promote individuals, as well as administer all employment decisions, conditions of employment, and personnel actions, without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, ancestry, marital status or status as a qualified person with a disability, HIV status, or other protected status. In this regard, we will take continuing action to ensure that knowledge, skill, and potential of all employees are fully utilized throughout the organization to the greatest extent possible. However, discrimination would not mean positional specific requirements desired by the company which is directly related to the productivity and efficiency of the work on that position. 


Any incident or situation that you believe involves illegal discrimination should immediately be brought into the immediate attention SUVADIN CEO. 

Management Vacancies

Editorial and Content based Vacancies

IT Vacancies